Mondial – No. 908 Homme Shaving Cream

$ 25.00

The No. 908 Shaving Cream is the ultimate expression of the highest quality in the world of shaving creams. A precious soft shaving cream, produced in the traditional way with intense fragrances. Its natural ingredients facilitate the shaving experience, allowing for a gentle glide of the blade. All that is needed is a small amount applied to the palm of the hand, a few drops of hot water and with the help of a Mondial shaving brush you can get in touch with the joy of shaving. It takes only a few moments to create a soft and full-bodied foam that will help to prepare the skin for a fantastic shave. At the end of shaving, the skin feels soft and velvety. The refined No. 908 Homme fragrance is fresh and citrus infused, with floral and woody notes that make every shave a moment of real pleasure.

The No. 908 Collection originates from an idea. The idea that a perfume, and its fragrance, can genuinely represent and express the best of a man at every moment of the day. This sensation is palpable throughout the whole collection, in a deep and intense fragrance that can encompass a charm, a passion, and an unmistakeable style. No. 908 is a tribute to the very year that our Company was founded, 1908, when a love and passion for your work and for what you did could really make the difference. It was at that time that the the founder of our company, inspired by a great personal passion for looking after himself, started to produce his first shaving products in his small workshop in the centre of Florence. 


150 ml Shaving Cream Jar
100 ml Shaving Cream Tube


Made in Italy

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