Chatillon Lux – Fourth and Pine Eau de Cologne

Chatillon Lux – Fourth and Pine Eau de Cologne

$ 50.00

Johann Farina is widely regarded as one of the patriarchs of the fragrance world. His classic combination, the original eau de cologne, is still as relevant today as it was over three centuries ago. One of the first American destinations to carry it was Clamorgan's, a premier bathhouse and gentlemen's grooming salon that attended to local luminaries like Ulysses S. Grant.

The Clamorgan brothers were the mixed-race sons of Henry Clamorgan, one of the titans in St. Louis' early history. Despite their second-rate status, they provided the highest level of luxury and carried the finest grooming products in their renowned store, including Farina's Eau de Cologne. This scent is not intended to replicate that master's work, but to provide a new take on it. One that pays homage to the Clamorgan's ability to thrive despite the high hurdles put in front of their success.

This is not a replication of the original Eau de Cologne, but rather it plays off the idea of a refreshing burst of refreshing citrus supported by underlying floral notes in bloom, all supported upon a woody, creamy base. Because it is at eau de cologne strength and performs in the traditional manner, it comes with a 5 mL spray vial and pipette so you can refresh it during the day.

Notes: neroli, lemon, grapefruit, yuzu, orange, petitgrain, lavender, jasmine, geranium, vetiver, tonka bean

100 ml eau de cologne

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