La Manufacture – Cologne Cashmere

La Manufacture – Cologne Cashmere

$ 125.00

Bergamot and guaiac wood

On a cold winter’s day, avoiding drafts, settling by the large stone chimney. Buried in the soft leather sofas, gazing at the play of the dancing flames…. Wrapping oneself up in a pashmina surrounded by sweet and rounded notes The cold pounds against the frosted windowpanes while Bergamot and Mandarin jostle with the heat of the muted and sensual interior. The pulse of noble woods Guaiac and Sandalwood are present under the rich amber fabrics. Among the leather and velvets, the vetiver frizzles, dry little flames are woven into a marron glacé. 

“ Contrast is the pivot of this fragrance; I sought to combine both freshness and sensuality. Luminous fruit (bergamot and yellow mandarin from Italy) are combined with darker, unpolished substances: Guaiac from Paraguay, Amber and Vetiver. I chose Vetiver from Haiti because of its smoky characteristic reminding me of short winter days and log fires in the chimney. I constructed the sensual note around Marron Glacée, a typical winter treat “

Carla Chabert, perfume creator

100 ml Cologne Spray


The Hand Made Spirit

La Manufacture, founded by Bruno Truchon Bartès, is a workshop without borders for artisan-artists who work with and transform their raw materials while taking inspiration from art, emotions and personal experience.

What gives La Manufacture's fragrances their elegance and depth is the poetry of the past and the meticulous moments spent concentrating on the raw materials.

Bruno calls on sculptors, porcelain-makers, mold-makers, master perfumers, candle-makers and glass-makers with a passion for their craft, who work to his standards in terms of aesthetics and refinement. He harnesses their combined talents to create a luxury known as simplicity.

The ingredients for the fragrances in the Colognes Essentielles collection are selected with the utmost of care. Measured out precisely and with emotion by exacting master perfumers with a passion for quality, they are used to produce perfume concentrates in Grasse, the cradle of French perfume-making.

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