Brooklyn Grooming – Fort Greene Mustache Wax

Brooklyn Grooming – Fort Greene Mustache Wax

$ 22.00

Castor oil and kukui nut oil condition your sub-nasal caterpillar while beeswax gives it supple hold and pliability. If you’re new to mustache wax—and this is the best place to start—you may be surprised by its firm, thick, gummy texture. It’s basically mustache glue. But hey, as you know, the hair of the ‘stache is probably the hardest, most bristly hair on the face—maybe the whole body. So even with the stiffened hold of the mustache wax, you may have to spend time “training” the hair to bend and curl and defy gravity. Don’t hesitate to apply heat from a blow dryer to encourage uniform shaping.

Fort Greene smells fresh and alive! Think of it as a cologne version of mechanic's grease (it does not smell like an auto-body shop). It has an aroma that is pointed, invigorating and masculine. It's a delightful bonus breath for some lucky bystander when you happen to pass wearing it. With its distinct botanical notes of pine and the added character of Juniper, Fort Greene carries off a breezy balance with the dulcet additions of floral lavender and bergamot.


Net wt 2 oz 
Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

Ingredients: *Castor oil, *Kukui nut oil, *Shea butter, *Beeswax, *Juniper, *Rosemary, *Bergamot, *Lavender essential oil, **vitamin e and rosemary antioxidant

*organic  **vitamin e from Non-GMO Soy sources


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