Histoires de Parfums – Music-Hall Le Parfum

Histoires de Parfums – Music-Hall Le Parfum

$ 185.00

MUSIC-HALL LE PARFUM – feminine & masculine

At the opening, a trio of citrus electrifies the stage. A white mist of strident black pepper and saffron chords envelop the rhythm. The bassline drones its hypnotic riff of incense and patchouli. Is your heart beating faster? You are at the Olympia!

Opening Chords:
Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin

Center Chords:
Pink Berries, Black Pepper, Saffron,
Rose, Freesia, Lilac, Peony

Bass Chords: Blond Wood, Patchouli,
Frankincense, Styrax, Suede,
Vanilla, Chocolate, Licorice, White Musk

We would like to tell you the story of a legendary Music Hall that was conceived and then patiently built over the years by Bruno Coquatrix. The famous red neon façade in the heart of Paris has immortalized the names of the world’s greatest performers. On the inside, thick red curtains have embraced musical treasures on stage since 1954, welcoming the likes of artists such as Piaf, the Beatles, the Stones, David Bowie, and Lady Gaga. These performers have shaken the walls with their music and made magic of Parisian nights while the audience sits on the edge of velvet seats, their spirits glowing from the excitement of an unforgettable evening.

It all happens once the spotlights illuminate the stage. Time becomes suspended, breathing is shortened, eyes widened, muscles contracted as thousands of hearts beat to a similar rhythm,… The opening chords strike like lightning, liberating the crowd, unleashing a passion and creating an atmosphere that is impossible to understand without having experienced it. Thousands of voices singing in unison for one magical moment.

That is the Olympia!


An olfactive library that is telling stories about famous characters, raw materials and mythical years. The collection created by Gérald Ghislain is governed by no rules other than inspiration. With his luxuriant imagination, this loquacious individual has chosen to bring his stories to life in perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium. Histoires de Parfums releases its fragrances in a Deluxe edition to be read on skin.


120 ml Eau de Parfum


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