Bois 1920 – Verde di Mare Eau de Parfum

Bois 1920 – Verde di Mare Eau de Parfum

$ 230.00

A fragrance that talks about overseas lands, characterized by a sophisticated citrus accord. The iced and salty pureness of the unedited Marine Ozonic Accord wraps in bouquet of Superessence Rose and Geranium spotted with accents of Damascena Rose and Lily of the Valley.The dry down is a union of Precious Woods, Vanilla and soft musk notes.

Lemon, Bigarade
Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Lime, Galbanum,
Pepper Neo JE™, Juniper Berries,
Pescagreen™, Verbetryle™,
Betahydrane™, Figolide™

Marine Ozonic Accord Rose Superessence
Damascena Rose, Geranium
Lily of the Valley, Blackcurrant Nat Neo JE™
Red Seaweed Pure JE™, Marine Seaweed Abs
Black Tea Extract, Petitgrain, Clove Buds,
Bigarane™, Mugane™, Tropicalone™

Dry down:
Precious Woods Accord
Cistus, Vanilla, Green Maté Abs
Musk Accord, Evee™, Santamanol,
Ambramone, Lorenox™, Orcanox™


100 ml eau de parfum
Made in Florence

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