Top 2021 Hairstyles for Gentlemen

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There is a wide range of trending hairstyles for men of all types, but some of the more popular styles in 2021 are ones that have been associated with the look of the refined gentlemen for decades.

From the pompadour to the quiff hairstyle, there are many different styles to choose from that fit your personality and look. Here are some classic hairstyles for gentlemen that look as in-place today as they ever did, regardless of your hair type or the shape of your face.


The slicked back look is a great option for many men, and is relatively easy to achieve. The flexibility of this hairstyle also allows you to try different looks with the back and sides. It also works well with fades.

This style will look best with three to five inches of hair on top, but any longer could make it more difficult to maintain.


Side parts continue to be a popular look, and it’s also among the simplest hairstyles. It’s compatible with any wardrobe and looks great at any occasion.

Two to four inches of hair on top is ideal to achieve this look, and you should clip the sides. Tapers and fades on the back and sides also enhance this hairstyle.


This hairstyle, also known as the Ivy League cut, is a smart look that works with any man.

This style typically consists of an inch of hair on top, with a little more in front. Keep the sides clipped and add a taper on the back, top, and sides. You also don’t need to style this cut too much, as it allows for a part or a more slicked-back look.


This cut is a true classic gentlemen’s hairstyle. The hair is traditionally blended together, particularly at the temples, with two to four inches of hair on top. With this hairstyle, you’ll appear truly refined.


If you’re considering a more rebellious hairstyle, the side swept is an excellent choice. This look works with nearly any haircut, but is best-suited with a standard cut, similar to the slicked back hairstyle.


The brush back is a variation of the slicked back look, except it uses a brush to bring the hair back for a slightly messier look that’s still stylish and compatible with casual to formal attire.


For a look that’s more retro and reminiscent of the ‘80s, the Refined Step haircut features shorter layers in the back so that the front appears longer, with shaped hair that’s blow-dried and coiffed.


Crew cuts can also be shaped for a more refined look. The flat top cut consists of hair that’s clipped short toward the middle, with short sides that complement a flattop. The longer hair is cut at a length where the top of the head is neat and flat, creating a high-end, vintage look.


The ‘50s are also somewhat in fashion in certain ways, including the Rock Renaissance hairstyle. This look features a front that’s been pushed up, with slicked back hair from the temples and crown.


The undercut has been an extremely popular haircut for men in the past years – and it isn’t going anywhere in 2021. The undercut is a short hairstyle where the top is longer and the sides and back of the head are buzzed short. This creates a striking and stylish contrast between the top and sides of the head.


The Pompadour is another popular men’s hairstyle that sweeps the hair over the back of the head. The hair on the sides and back of the head are neatly brushed and are flat to the head. This style is best for short-to-medium lengths.


The textured crop started growing in popularity in Europe and this style has recently spread to the United States. It is a simple style that is fast and easy to style. The hair is short on top and the sides of the head form into a fade.


The quiff is another style with longer hair on the top and short faded sides. However, this style takes more time to style correctly and a lot of men don’t have the time to style their hair every day. To create the quiff style, use a blow dryer on high-head and a wax to keep the style in place. You can use your fingers once done to put the final small strands of hair in place.


Regardless of your overall look and personality, you’re likely to find that perfect gentlemen’s hairstyle that combines refinement with trendiness. You can also customize any hairstyle with the help of your barber to determine which look works best, whether you’re interested in a more classical look or something more contemporary and fresh.

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