Why Men Should Go to a Traditional Barbershop

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The traditional barbershop is largely forgotten across the nation, but the experience is something that certain barbershops have maintained. While many men simply want to get a haircut without considering the type of location, there are several reasons to consider visiting a barbershop.

A Trained Barber Understands How to Give a Man a Proper Haircut

A majority of men today are likely to think nothing of stepping into a chain salon such as Great Clips or Supercuts, but the truth is that these places can’t give men what a barbershop can. By-the-number haircuts are usually the default options, and while they can look okay for those first couple of weeks, the results of an inadequate haircut will likely begin to show.

One of the main reasons why salons aren’t ideal for men is because the people working at these locations are cosmetologists, not barbers. The latter are trained to use clippers, which are the ideal tools used for cutting men’s hair, whereas cosmetologists’ main tool of choice is a pair of scissors. Cosmetologists are more equipped and trained to style women’s hair, but a master barber can give a man the cut he truly wants.

Benefit from Traditions That Other Places Don’t Offer

Another aspect you won’t find with a modern-day salon is the selection of perks that certain barbershops offer. At a barbershop that practices the traditions of the early 20th century, you’ll be able to experience all of those benefits that men of the past got to enjoy. These can include the old-school shampooing technique of leaning forward, old-style head massagers, and classic neck shaves, among others that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. You can also chat man-to-man with your barber, something that’s also largely lost in salons.

Get Hairstyling and Cuts Using Only the Best Products and Tools

Many cheaper locations don’t use the best products available to style a man’s hair, relying on run-of-the-mill hairstyling gels and tools. At a truly old-school barbershop, master barbers will only use the most reliable products with each client, which helps ensure they’re satisfied with the final cut and that it’s done right. You won’t find inferior products when you pay a visit to the right spot.

Some barbershops such as Merchant & Rhoades will also sell you those products and haircutting kits to help you maintain that perfect hairstyle on your own.

Visit a Barbershop for an Experience That’ll Keep You Coming Back

Many men likely go to get their haircut and don’t necessarily consider the experience, but visiting a barbershop that practices those old-school traditions can encourage clients to return for a relaxing time and unmatchable class that other places won’t provide. Rather than simply going to get a haircut for the sake of getting a haircut, a traditional barbershop can make it worth your time and money while leaving you far more satisfied in the end.

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