5 Mustache Care Kit Must-Haves

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Mustaches aren’t only the pride and joy of most men; they’re a testament to determination, care, and dedication that the man has invested. Growing a hearty, full, great mustache is going to take a lot of time and effort, and you should do everything in your power to keep it looking perfect.

Now, mustaches aren’t the simplest thing in the world. As a man, you most likely skip out on all the hair cosmetics and still have great looking hair. Sadly, this isn’t the case when it comes to your mustache.

Your mustache differs from your hair and body hair quite a lot, as its follicles and growth patterns are all very different. All you need to know for now is that mustaches require a lot more care and love to stay perfectly fuzzy and gorgeous. That’s why purchasing a more luxurious addition to your mustache care kit is your best bet.

It’s essential if you’re looking for a good mustache. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of five critical mustache care items, which you can find below.

Red Hook Mustache Wax

If you’re looking to make your mustache pop and be the star of the party, you’ll need a perfect mustache wax. But, picking a good one is far more complicated than it might seem.

A good mustache wax should condition your mustache, all while giving it structure and firmness. Your facial hair shouldn’t be limp, impossible to style, or just a food collection tool. Supplying your fuzzy friend with some premium castor and kukui nut oil, all while giving it the desired firmness from beeswax, is essential.

When it comes to mustache wax products, you need to invest in a premium product. Mustache care is complex, and inferior products can harm your hair. It’s the sole reason why any superb mustache care kit requires a perfect oil like Red Hook!

Colonel Conk’s Mustache & Beard Trimming Scissor

If you’re looking to have a perfectly structured mustache, you’ll have to groom it regularly. Any good beard and mustache care kit needs a quality pair of scissors.

Grooming your mustache requires a particular set of scissors that are going to make the process that much more precise and far more comfortable. Luckily, Colonel Conk has got you covered with its superb mustache and beard grooming scissors.

Again, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend some money on this. Lesser quality scissors are prone to going dull in no time and might rip off more than they cut.

Brooklyn Grooming Handmade Swiss Mustache Comb

Now, you might have entered this link and thought to yourself:

“Why on earth would I pay $18 for a mustache comb, when I can get a plastic one at the dollar store?“

Studies show that plastic combs are damaging your hair in more ways than you can imagine. They cause frizz in your mustache and beard, they pull off hairs, and significantly contributing to split ends.

On the other hand, a premium wood or natural cellulose acetate material isn’t going to do any of these things. You’re going to notice your mustache thanking you when you start using this comb!

Detroit Grooming Mustache Wax

We understand that moment of panic when your mustache just won’t sit the way you want it to when you’re out and about.

Instead of panicking and tugging on it to style it, you should utilize a great on the go tool like the Detroit Grooming Mustache Wax. It isn’t only an excellent styling wax; it also comes in a neat package, ideal for styling on the go. It’s going to save you from any embarrassing emergencies that you might encounter.

Kent A 81T Comb

When discussing mustache care products before in this text, we’ve stated the importance of a proper comb. And this high-quality Kent comb will be ideal for supplementing your on-the-go kit.

It’s small, and it can help you make your mustache pop whenever there is an emergency. This comb can even contribute to proper hair growth. It’s ideal for on-the-go styling, grooming, maintenance, and also trimming when combined with a perfect set of scissors.

With these five mustache care essentials in your kit, you’ll be ready for any challenge life throws at you, so be sure to get them all and stay prepared! Be sure to take a look at our entire mustache care product selection for additional items to add to your kit!

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