Nail Care for Men: 4 Things to Know

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Most men don’t take care of their nails properly. They just clip them when they see that they’re overgrown, and that’s it. Nails with poor care can look unattractive and reflect poorly on a man’s hygiene.

Grooming your nails is not something men should be ashamed of. After all, this is the 21st century, and men can be masculine while also taking care of their bodies. Scratchy skin on your fingers, fraying cuticles, bitten, or damaged nails are all unattractive traits, and it’s time to get your nails in shape.

What’s best about it is that it doesn’t require a lot of time, and everyone can do it on their own. Here are four essentials you need to know to care for your nails properly.

Top Nail Care Tips for Men

For proper nail care for men, follow the following best practices:

The Best Time to Cut Your Nails

The best time to cut your nails is after taking a shower. Warm water will soften your nails, and this will make it easier to cut them and get all of the calluses and cuticles in shape.

After taking a shower, get a pumice stone and use it to exfoliate all of the thick or excessive skin on your feet. When you are doing this, there shouldn’t be any pain. Once you’ve done it, you can turn your attention to your cuticles. /p>

Even if you take good care of your nails, having excessive cuticles can destroy their look. First, use a cuticle instrument to pull down excessive skin and then use a cuticle nipper to cut it off. You can do this every few weeks to keep your nails, hands, and feet in shape.

Are You Cutting Your Nails Properly?

Most guys don’t pay attention to what they are doing when cutting their nails. First of all, many men don’t use quality nail clippers or scissors. A lot of men have old instruments that don’t even cut properly, and there is no way to have well-managed nails with poor instruments.

First of all, make sure to cut your nails after showering. When clipping your nails, don’t try to cut the whole nail in one or two motions. Slowly cut along with the toe or finger line to create a smooth arch. Make sure not to cut your nails too short.

You can cut off the whole white part, but don’t go deeper. At the same time, make sure to cut from one end to another thoroughly. This ensures you won’t have ingrown nails.

Smoothen Out Your Nails

Use a nail file to smooth out your nails on their edges. Depending on your needs, you can shape your nails with a nail file. For example, if you have issues with infections and ingrown nails, it’s generally a good idea to shape your nails in a square.

On the other hand, a lot of guys love rounder nails that go along their fingers. No matter what you choose, always make sure to file them after cutting your nails.

This is how you will smoothen them out to avoid scratching someone or something. At the same time, smooth nails without sharp edges won’t break as easily or grow into weird shapes.

Remove Hangnails the Right Way

A lot of people often have issues with hangnails, especially if they do manual work with their hands. A hangnail is a piece of skin that usually pops out between the tip of the finger and the nail. Never pull out hangnails as you will hurt yourself and maybe even cause bleeding.

Instead, make sure to use a clipper to remove them. Do this gently so that you don’t pull on hangnails to avoid damaging the interior of your nail and the skin underneath it.

These are the four essentials you should keep in mind when maintaining your nails. This process doesn’t take a lot of time, and you can easily get in the habit of maintaining your nails. In case you don’t want to do this on your own, consider getting a professional manicure or pedicure with Merchant & Rhoades!

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