6 Predictions for Men’s Hairstyles in 2020

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With every new year comes new hairstyle trends that have men flocking to their favorite barbershops to get a fashionable cut that will perfectly suit their style.

This year was no different. We saw a lot of exciting hairstyle trends – some completely innovative and new, some a creative blend of modern and classic, and others entirely classic, perfect for old-school gentlemen who know their style.

2020 will certainly not be an exception. Our expert barbers predict that 2020 men’s hairstyles will also be a lovely blend of old and new. You can expect a lot of sophisticated options to choose from.

Do you want to get a professional haircut that will make you always look stylish and sophisticated, no matter what you choose to wear? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the top men’s hairstyles for 2020 that you will definitely see everywhere you look:

The Brush Up

Photo Credit: Latest Hairstyles

The brush up will remain trendy in 2020, and probably for many years to come. It will be one of the most popular 2020 men’s hairstyles, primarily because of its versatility.

You can have a low, mid, or high fade brush up, and you can style the hair pretty much any way you want. You can experiment with the length and create different styles using various hairstyling products.

A few years ago, this was a modern haircut that no one knew would stick. Now, it’s clear that it is becoming a classic, making millions of men around the world look elegant for every occasion.

The Classic Slicked Back Undercut

Photo Credit: Men’s Hairstyles Now

The slicked back undercut exudes style and confidence. Men have been sporting this hairstyle since the 1920s, so you can be sure that it will definitely never go out of style.

This haircut works best if you have straight hair, as it will help you look very refined. You can play with the length of the sides and back, but the most popular and sophisticated option is mixing it with a low fade.

The Textured Pompadour

Photo Credit: The Bluebeards Revenge

The textured pompadour is much more stylish than all the other types of pompadour. It doesn’t give you that bold Elvis Presley look, but rather a modern style that is often associated with professional businessmen these days.

You can upgrade this classic hairstyle to make it more modern by creating tapered sides with a hard part - a close shaved line that helps you clearly define the pomp. Both this and textured style is a very smart option for anyone who wants to look professional.

The Side-Parted Quiff

Photo Credit: FashQ

This hairstyle is similar to a pompadour, but even more professional. With a pompadour, you slick back all the hair atop your head. With a side-parted quiff, you brush all the hair on top forward, before combing the front up and back.

A side-parted quiff is best combined with a low or mid-drop fade, but you can style it according to your personal preference.

The Traditional Taper Cut

Photo Credit: Men’s Hairstyle Today

There’s a reason why a taper cut has been popular for decades. It makes you look suave, professional, and mature.

Similar to the side-parted quiff, the traditional taper cut differs only in that it doesn’t include the quiff. This is yet another one of those hairstyles that has stood the test of time because of its versatility. It will remain popular not only in 2020, but also for many years to come.

We’ve seen plenty of men sporting this hairstyle with a hard part to completely define the side part.

The Classy Ivy League

Photo Credit: The Trend Spotter

The Ivy League haircut isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s elegant and classy, perfect for every gentleman who wants to look sharp both in and out of the office. It is sleek and timeless and will make you look incredibly sophisticated.

Also known as the Harvard Clip or Princeton, the Ivy League hairstyle usually features a blocked neckline. It is typically side-parted, but definitely leaves room for adjustment. You can brush your hair back instead of parting the sides, which should absolutely not be clipped.

Merchant & Rhoades is your go-to barbershop for all these 2020 hairstyles for men and more. We can give you a cut that will help you look sophisticated and classy everywhere you go. From casual hangouts with friends to business meetings and corporate parties, you will always look sharp and elegant.

We’re open 7 days a week, so feel free to come down to our high-end barbershop in downtown Chicago whenever you’re in the neighborhood. We will help you find the right cut for your style and provide you with a superior barber experience that will leave you wanting for more. Stop by anytime or schedule an appointment! Find your perfect 2020 look today!

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