Benefits of Shaving with A Straight Razor

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Everyone has seen those movies where men get shaves with a straight razor. It looks cool, retro, and masculine - but only a few people still use them. One of the main reasons for this is that people think that they are unsafe.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving with a straight razor is safe. At the same time, they will make you feel masculine while using one. But it’s not all about the visuals and how a straight razor looks. Shaving this way carries various benefits you probably didn’t know.

Forget About Ingrown Hair

One of the critical benefits of shaving with a straight razor is that it doesn’t cause ingrown hair. People who have issues with ingrown hair know how difficult it can be. The most common cause of ingrown hair is the razor you use.

In comparison, the worst possible culprit for ingrown hair is a multi-blade razor. This is because these razors simply pull out hair when shaving you. This damages the follicle underneath your skin and disrupts hair growth.

This is almost impossible to happen when using a straight razor. There is no way to pull hair or cut the hair that’s beneath the skin. At the same time, the close shave leaves no room for unwanted patches of hair.

Have Total Control Over Shaving

Yes, learning how to use a straight razor properly takes focus and time. You cannot just pick it up and use it. It’s essential to learn the technique and get used to wielding it.

But once you’ve mastered the technique, you will be amazed by how much control it gives you, which is one of the unique benefits of using a straight razor.

You can always control the amount of pressure, angle, and direction of the blade. Most other options don’t offer this maneuverability.

Enjoy an Extremely Close Shave

You probably already figured it out, but another benefit of a straight razor shave is that a straight razor can give you the closest shave possible. Lots of guys love that feeling, a fresh shave, and smooth skin. If you never tried a straight razor shave, but you want to feel zero hair on your beard, shaving with a straight razor is the way to go.

Various razors want to achieve that close shave, but they end up damaging your skin and destroying follicles. With a free blade, nothing limits you from going as close as you possibly can and repeating the stroke for that perfect feel.

It’s Fun & You’ll Enjoy It!

This might not be one of the more apparent benefits of a straight razor shave, but it’s true. Guys love learning new tracks and new hobbies. This is what shaving with a straight razor is all about. After your second time, you will start anticipating your next shave.

It is addictive and calming in a strange way, and it’s one of the most masculine things you can do as a guy. At the same time, women are amazed when they see a guy shaving this way.

It’s Cheaper

To buy a quality straight razor, you will have to make an initial investment. Chances are the blade will be more expensive than any multi-blade razor. However, unlike other types of razors, you won’t need to regularly replace the blade. In other words, after buying it, you won’t have any costs associated with the razor.

You will just need shaving cream or shaving soap and nothing else. You can maintain the razor on your own with ease. A good razor can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

Reap the Benefits of Using a Straight Razor

Having a straight razor is entirely different than anything else. Try it with one of our expert barbers at Merchant & Rhodes and enjoy the benefits of the straight razor first-hand before getting your own for home use.

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