Top Artisan Fragrances For 2019

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Most men choose a cologne based on the type of smell they like but this isn't the best way to stay on top of your fragrance game. The best way is to focus on a fragrance that will draw people in.

No matter if you just want to smell good or you're out tonight to find the woman of your dreams, wearing the right fragrance just makes you feel good. Well, why not achieve both? We have narrowed the selection down for you, giving you only the top artisan fragrances for 2019.

Ex Idolo

Ex Idolo provides a precious and rare scent of a very sympathetic and unique composition. Composed of the rarest and finest aroma materials, this top-class fragrance offers a whole new dimension of the most amazing smells. It's masculine, individual, and classical. If you want to add a certain dose of mystique and exoticism to your style, this fragrance should be your number one choice.

It's perfect for those who aren't sure about which type of smell suits them the most and it's also the most excellent choice for those who clearly know what they want. Step into a secret and elusive world with this top choice.

Charenton Macerations

Charenton Macerations has been delivering top artisan fragrances for a long time and their colognes are truly one of a kind. If you're looking to pay tribute to your dreams and life in general, you should try their fragrance for 2019.

Smokie and soft, resinous tones that remind of honey will tuck you in a warm feeling of sitting on a beach, breathing in the sweetest air filled with the smells of sand and sea. Charenton Macerations provides a different approach to fragrances and is intended for men who know what they want.

Marc Antoine

If you're out for a sophisticated but captivating smell, Marc Antoine is the right choice for you. Their latest fragrance brings the smell of woods and rain forests, exotic fruits and flowers. It's an extremely pleasant and magical fragrance that offers a nice blend of musk, chilies and herbal spicy notes. It's intended for those men who are conventionally classical and are looking for something exceptional.

Bruno Fazzoleri

If you prefer a fragrance that's more personal, colorful and independent, Bruno Fazzoleri is your best choice. It allows you to clearly reflect who you are while lifting your mood and making you feel great. It's a classic but unusual scent with a subtle structure which makes it easy to wear. This is a unique fragrance that turns scent into art which makes a must-have fragrance in 2019.

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