What Makes A Haircut “Classic”?

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While clothes don’t make the man, most men would agree that a classic haircut does. But in today’s world of thousands of modern haircuts, one can easily get confused and be unable to tell a classic from a modern haircut.

Here we’ll help you learn how to spot trends and to identify a classic hairstyle. Once we are done with that, we will take you through some of the examples. Let’s start, shall we?

Factors That Determine a Classic Men's Haircut

A few decades ago, men couldn’t spend much time at the hairdresser even if they wanted to. These professionals were very busy, as were barbers.

This is why the classic men’s haircut demanded practicality and efficiency – even men with long hair could step into a barber shop and be ready to leave in less than 20 minutes.

The factors that determine a classic men’s haircut include the following:

  • Carefree style – There is no need to pay much attention to hair care once you leave the barbershop.
  • No styling products – Most classic men’s haircuts don’t require men to use hair styling products, which is quite practical for those who enjoy exercise.
  • Good looks – Classic haircuts tend to bring out the best look in a man. Professional barbers get to know their clients, ranging from personal style to everyday activities. They use this information to deliver a cut that promotes a fresh and attractive look in a man.

Define What Makes a Haircut a Classic



There are two definitions of a classic men’s hairstyle in barbers’ circles. One reflects the age when suits and ties were more regular among men. According to this definition, a classic haircut is the one that is appropriate for formal events where suits and ties are an absolute must.

Today formal events are not as strict as they were in the past when it comes to the dress code. This reflects the hairstyle as well. Which brings us to the second definition of a classic haircut – a hairstyle that is appropriate for a formal environment or a more serious dress code.

No matter how we put it, classic men’s haircuts have remained the same throughout the ages, and this is basically the main factor that defines them.

A Few Examples of Classic Men’s Haircut

Here are a few examples of timeless hairstyles for men:

The French Crop

The French Crop has remained in the classic bracket thanks to its versatility. It can sit on any face shape, and on top of that, it can help men cover receding patches. It falls naturally in place, which makes it a low maintenance haircut.

The Slick Back

Dating back to the 1920s, the slick back is the senior among classic haircuts. It was the perfect haircut for men wearing hats back in the day. If you have straight hair, you can wear this haircut with ease.

The Side Parting

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve. It came in and out of men’s fashion to finally settle as a classic haircut. It is as versatile as the French crop and able to suit different face shapes and hair types.

These are just a few of the classic hairstyles for men. Feel free to explore some other timeless hairstyles and experiment to find your go-to style. Find your cut today with Merchant & Rhoades!

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