Tips for Applying Perfume & Cologne

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Both men and women know that smell plays a vital role in how others perceive them. This is why both men and women enjoy wearing their favorite fragrances. Since a first impression counts the most, men and women fall back on their favorite perfumes when going out on a first date, a job interview, or to a party.

Since you want you to leave the best impression possible, we decided to help you make the most out of your perfume and cologne. Here are some tips to help you learn how to properly apply them properly.

Spraying is All You Need

Many people think that rubbing the sprayed parts together (i.e. rubbing the wrists together) will enhance the fragrance and help it stay there for a long time. Sadly, the effect is quite the opposite. Let’s say you spray your favorite perfume on your wrists, and then decide to rub them against each other, and then repeat the procedure on your neck.

Rubbing increases the temperature of the skin. This will cause the micro secretion of natural enzymes and these are known for affecting the fragrance and changing its scent. No matter how tempted you are to rub sprayed parts against each other, resist it! A quick spray is all you need!

Spray on a Warm Spot



Using a fragrance, whether it is perfume or cologne, correctly is extremely important. This especially applies to cologne as it contains the lowest concentration of oils. On average, eau de cologne contains 2-4% oil concentration, whereas eau du perfume has 20-30%.

Your body heat plays a vital role in pushing the fragrance throughout the day. Therefore, you should always spray the “hottest” areas of your body. This includes:

  • The area behind your ears
  • The back of the neck
  • The chest
  • The shoulders
  • The wrist
  • The inner elbow
  • The forearm

Bonus tip: If you have recently shaved, avoid spraying cologne or perfume directly onto the shaved areas. This may cause irritations and you may experience acute pain.

Don’t Apply on Dry Skin

Dry skin will absorb most of the fragrance and it will leave you odorless quite quickly. This is quite a shame after you've spent so much time choosing the right fragrance for the occasion. To achieve the desired effect, make sure to moisturize your skin before applying perfume or cologne.

Whether you decide to go with a body lotion or skin moisturizer, make sure that they are unscented to prevent mixing fragrances.

Hot vs. Cold Climate

People living in tropical areas are prone to sweating. The sweat has a negative effect on oil in perfumes and colognes. Over time, the oils will dissolve and there will be no fragrance left. To achieve the best olfactory experience, feel free to apply the fragrance directly to your clothes or hair.

In cold places, people tend to wear multiple layers of clothes. The same rule we described above applies here as well - spray the fragrance on the topmost layer of clothing.

Spray with the Final Destination in Mind

The amount of cologne or perfume you want to spray onto your skin or clothes depends on your final destination. If you’re going to spend time outdoors, feel free to spray extra, but if you’re bound to close quarters, spray lighter.

Hopefully, these tips will help you learn how to wear perfume and cologne and feel comfortable while doing so. For a luxury grooming experience, stop in Merchant & Rhoades today!

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