Which Style of Shave Is Best for Your Skin?

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Maybe you’re not familiar with the fact that there are well over 15 different styles of shaving. Each one of these styles features a unique beard shape and is better for certain types of skin.

Some styles of shave will leave you with clogged pores, causing blackheads and breakouts, while others may cause excessive skin irritations. This is why we decided to help you discover the style of shave that suits your skin best.

Normal Skin

Guys with normal skin are the luckiest ones for shaving styles. Their skin is healthy which makes it less prone to razor burns and breakouts. These fellas can use disposable razors, electric razors, safety or regular razors, and they still won't experience any discomfort.

A word of advice - normal skin is still susceptible to elements. Make sure to moisturize your skin before you decide to shave, especially during extremely hot or cold months.

Dry Skin

Men with dry skin often experience flaking and itchiness. Dry skin often feels rough and regular shaving will irritate the skin and make it even drier. It’s hard to say which style is the best shave for men with dry skin since their skin is sensitive to all razor types. Perhaps growing a beard is the best solution.

While it may prevent breakouts and razor burns, your beard won’t solve your dry skin problems. Washing it on a regular basis and applying moisturizing beard oil are the best beard grooming techniques these men absolutely have to incorporate in their day to day routine.

Oily Skin



Oily skin can prevent men from enjoying a regular shave. Blackheads and breakouts are very common due to the excess oil which is known to clog skin pores. A regular shave may further irritate the skin. Regular shaving can also lead to ingrown hair since hairs are weak due to the clogged pores.

Before shaving, men with oily skin should change their face washing routine. Regular exfoliation and powder use will remove the excess oil and keep the skin soft. Once this is achieved, you can choose any shave style.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin, as the name itself implies, is very sensitive to shaving. It can easily get irritated, and razor burns and blemishes are pretty common. Day to day shaving further damages the skin, and sensitive skin doesn’t recover as fast as normal skin. This can lead to very uncomfortable inflammations.

The trick here is to use a very sharp razor, such as safety or regular razors. They are very sharp and don’t dull as quickly as cartridge and disposable ones. With a sharp razor, you only need to press lightly and go over an area once, to prevent skin damage and irritation. Also, avoid post-shave products that contain alcohol and paraben.

Before shaving it is important to determine your skin type. If you’re less experienced in this sort of matter, a professional barber at Merchant & Rhoades can help you choose the best style of shave for your skin. Stop in today!

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